Workplace Attire

You found a new job and realized that your new office is not conservative but casual, so you'd like to adjust your clothing. You might have started working on your first job and are unsure on what to wear to work. Dressing trendy for work is a bit tricky, as you still want to look professional, but there are some ground rules that can help you find the perfect business attire.

1) Learn more about Your Office

Before going on a shopping spree, learn a bit more about your office. What kind of clothing are others wearing? If your office more conservative or casual? How do you feel in your current clothing? Are you standing out when compared to others? For a trendy, but still professional look, you might want to start with jewellery and other accessories like cute badges on your bag, a brooch or a colourful scarf.
In order to really have enough clothes to wear, stocking up on basics is always a way to go. Focus on getting professional t-shirts, sweaters.

2) Consider your Body Shape

Body shape is everything. In order to look any way, be it professional, trendy or laid back, you need to know what type of clothing look good on you. By knowing whether you're a pear, apple, hourglass, rectangle or inverted triangle, you will know what items will downplay problematic features, and how to bring other features to the front.

3) Buying Workplace Clothing

Buying workplace clothing isn't as tricky as you might think. First, it's best to have a good stock of basic shirts, T-shirts, sweaters and trousers. If you don't have those, this will be your priority. When shopping, ask for help from a personal stylist in the shop, as many retailers offer this free of charge. Search for casual Friday sections to see what type of clothing you will find there.

4) The Accessories

Your business attire won't be trendy without putting it together in a good way. This will take some playing around, but you'll find that style in no time. One thing that you should not skip are accessories. Shoes, jewellery, bags, and scarves, although deemed accessories, are also super practical. A heeled shoe is the way to go, just make sure it’s comfortable, and adjust it to the mileage you are doing on your job. The bag should be professional, in good condition and has enough room for everything you carry around. Classic jewellery like hoops, drop earrings and a watch are your best bet. Always have a scarf, either a colourful or a solid one.

5) Length and Colour

In order to be both professional and trendy, you will have to wear the proper length of dresses, and be careful about necklines, sleeves, even fit and colours. The usual dress should not be too short and you have to feel comfortable with it. For pants, make sure the hem is at least 1 inch above the floor. The best neckline is the modest one, so focus on boat, scoop, square or round neck style. Sleeves can be long, three-quarters, short sleeves or sleeveless. As for the fit, find the right balance between tight and loose – go with loose but accentuating. Colours should match your skin tone, or you can opt for basic black or grey.

Being trendy and stylish at work takes a little bit of practice, and lots of great combinations.