Styling Tips

Finding your personal style and sense of fashion takes a bit of introspection and exploring. Sometimes, it can feel like an experiment and end up going wrong, but those mistakes are something you can learn from.

How to Find your Style

Your daily life is something that you have to factor in. If you travel often, find comfortable attire. If you work from home, focus on cute, comfortable and flexible outfits. No matter whether you are casual, practical, spirited, bold or professional, here are five tips when working on your personal style.

Know Your Body Shape

It’s all about the curves and following them. You might love your friends fashion outfits, but they will not look good on you if you have a totally different body shape. Find out which one you are: pear, apple, hourglass, or something else? Know which areas you want to highlight, and which ones you’d like to play down a bit. Avoid outfits that you THINK look good, but you are unsure about it every time you catch a glance in the mirror. Instead, focus on choosing outfits that are comfortable and that you feel confident in.

Know Your Colours

You might think that colours are important when choosing the perfect combination of pants, blouse and scarf, but how these colours look on you is important as well. Your skin tone and hair colour play a very important role here, so brush up your knowledge on what the best colours for your skin tone are before you proceed any further.

Find Signature Clothing and Accessories

There are certain clothing items and accessories that you can’t imagine people without. You have those too, but it can be tricky to determine them. Identifying someone who’s your very own icon when it comes to style is one way to do this. By looking at their outfits, you will quickly find what they always have with them: are those bags, or cute little coats, or a hair band, or maybe even a coffee cup? Now think about your outfits. Are there some things you almost always carry with you?

Know What You Don’t Like

When it’s time to refresh your wardrobe, look at all the things you don’t wear because it’s never the right occasion or they just look silly on you. Make sure to note what type of clothing these are, and avoid purchasing similar items.

Buy with The Intention of Wearing Again

Personal style means that others will identify you by the type of clothing you prefer to wear, be it jeans, loose hanging shirts or form fitting tops. What this also means is that you will wear such items for years, and focus on finding similar clothing and accessories as well.
A neat little trick with favourite type of clothing is to have a rotation. This way, you will wear all of your blouses, and won’t forget about that cute flower one that ended up in the very back of your wardrobe.

The demands of your daily routine is what should drive your personal style. Your style is basically our uniform, and something people will recognize immediately. A uniform doesn’t have to look the same, but it will have some binding elements that will make it yours, and yours alone.