Finding evening wear is the most daunting task when it comes to clothing. There are many requirements, and finding garments that fit all of them is a true challenge. You have to look brilliant, have a one of a kind outfit, and you have to feel comfortable too!

Evening wear is one of the last formalities when it comes to fashion, and although it looks marvellous, it has never been comfortable. Luckily, this is subject to change, and the priority of comfort has found a way to evening wear as well.

Although white tie events require a formal evening gown, and preferably long, white gloves, most other events are a bit more forgiving on what you can wear, and you can opt for a short and classy cocktail dress too.

Aside from etiquette, when choosing your evening wear, there are more things to consider.

Your Body Type is Important

Not all designers make their dresses the same way, so be prepared to try out a number of them before finding the one that you like and that fits well. A great design might look good on the mannequin, but will not look well on you if it's not made for your body type.
The basic rule here is that odd cuts will add to your form, while A-line dresses will slim you down. V neck cuts will accentuate your cleavage, and if you are worried about the size of your bust, you can go for sweetheart necklines.
If you are self-conscious about your arms, make sure to have a wrap, as most dresses will reveal your arms.

Dress for the Occasion

If you will be attending a formal event, you will be required to wear a long gown. Such events always require floor/ankle length gowns. Cocktail party dresses are much more casual, so you have some leeway here, but you will never go wrong with a dress that is knee-length. Black is the most common colour here, but you can opt for softer colours, such as pearl or rose, just make sure to stay away from flashy colours like silver and gold.

Adjustments are a Must

The price of evening wear is often debated, but these are most often unique or limited handmade pieces, and as such, they are worth it. Besides, any type of adjustment that you need is often included in that price. Just be aware that those adjustments can't be overly dramatic – they are made so that the dress fits perfectly. If you dislike a big part of the dress, like the neckline, it's best to look for another dress.
Another important thing here is to always have the shoes you intend to wear with you, as they play a big role on how your dress will look like.

Looking Perfect with help of some Shortcuts

If you are worried about a tummy showing, or other problematic areas, make sure to invest into good support underwear to minimize this. Corsets are, luckily, a thing of the past, but having a bodysuit from ribs to knees will help you hide any unflattering areas.

The attitude towards evening attire has changed in recent years, and plenty of focus is placed on comfort of evening wear. The times of uncomfortable evening wear are in the past. Today, your dress can be beautiful, unique, and comfortable as well.