Body Type Styling

How many times have you tried a dress on in the shop, only to find it doesn’t look as good on you as the mannequin?

This is because the dress isn’t made for your body type. Learning what looks good on your body type will help you find clothing items that really look good on you.

Determining your Body Type

Take measurements with a cloth tape, as it is more precise than using metal tape. When taking measurements, make sure the cloth tape is not to tight, but it shouldn't be loose either. A snug tape will give you the most precise measurements. Parts of the body you need to measure are shoulder, bust, waist and hips. Sometimes, you will see that shoulder measurements are skipped, but they truly are important if you wish to determine your body shape.

How to Take Measurements:

Having a partner help you will make measuring easier, especially for the shoulders. To measure them properly, start at the tip of one shoulder and go to the other shoulder to determine the width, or all the way across for girth. When measuring your bust, you have to stand straight and measure the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the tape is snug and doesn’t squish anywhere. For waist, stand straight and make sure to not pull in your stomach. Measure above the belly button, which is the slimmest part. If you like wearing low cut jeans, make sure to measure that part of waist too. For hips, you will measure the fullest part of your buttocks, and make sure the tape is properly levelled.

Apple Body Shape

Apple body shape means your upper body is heavier compared to lower body. Shoulders are broader, bust line is bigger, and the weight usually tends to gather along the midline. This is why the midline appears heavier.
To dress properly, you want to draw the attention away from it, preferably towards lower body, or by wearing deep cuts that make your torso look longer. The ideal cuts for this body shape are empire cuts, combined with darker colours, flowy tops and flared bottoms. Avoid wearing tight dresses or tight clothing only, as this will accentuate it instead of toning it down.

Hourglass Body Shape

The hourglass shape is balanced, with the top and bottom part of the body being proportionate, and the waist line well defined.
All women want this body shape, as you can wear dresses and clothes that tightly follow your outline. Dresses that fit tightly at the waist are your go-to, as well as belts and V cut necklines. The only thing you have to be careful about is wearing loose clothing, as it will hide your body shape completely.

Pear Body Shape

Women with the pear body shape have stronger lower part of the body than the upper. The thighs and buttocks are bigger, while the shoulders are narrow. To balance it out, you have to accentuate your upper body, while downplaying your lower body.
The best type of clothing for you will be A-line dresses and wider pants. Loose and crop tops, as well as V-shaped neck cuts will balance out your body shape. Usually, the clothing to avoid is anything tight fitting, as it will accentuate your form. Lately, this form has been super popular thanks to celebrities who don’t wish to balance it out, so feel free to embrace it with tight tops and loose bottoms.

Rectangle Body Shape

This shape is balanced, and the same as the hourglass, but your waistline is not defined, so your main focus should be your arms and legs. Wear clothing that will bring your bottom and upper body to the front, so anything without sleeves, plus ruffled tops and tapered trousers will help you increase your tops and bottoms.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

This shape is the most athletic one, and your upper body is stronger than your lower body. In order to dress for this shape, you have to focus on lower body and bringing it to attention to balance it out. Jeans with straight cuts work well, as well as pencil skirts and skinny jeans. For upper body, you can’t go wrong with V-neck to narrow down those shoulders a bit. Avoid wearing any layers or ruffle tops, and focus on adding ruffles and patterns to your lower body.