The Founder

Jon Alagem is the man behind Trendabl, and as CEO and founder, he focuses heavily on making the app the main platform for fashion lovers, brands, celebrities, bloggers and magazines alike. We take an unofficial look at his history, career and how he started Trendabl.
Jon Alagem is a 2004 Upenn graduate who worked for Avenue Capital Group in the Real Estate fund, as well as GE Capital and Bear Stearns. Soon, however, he realized that he doesn't want to continue working in the finance sector. He decided he wishes to become a full-time entrepreneur.
Around this time, he had a brilliant idea: develop an app that will be an essential part of every fashion lover's phone and help retailers and brands by providing a fashion focused platform for advertising (and commerce later).
With help of a few developers, he started designing the app that will later be known as Trendabl in his apartment in New York. The marketing started early, with first teaser previews being available in January 2012. His primary focus at this time was to get celebrities and brands for launch.

Trendabl Launch

In March 2012, when the Trendabl app launched, many celebrities attended: Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, Brad Oreski, Michael Kors, Whitney Port, Diane von Furstenberg, Nicky Hilton, and many others were brand advocates already. All of them used the app actively and helped Alagem build a large community. The app was available for iPhone users only.

From Fashion to Commerce

Soon after launch, Alagem decided that the app also needed e-commerce. In the same interview, Alagem said that they “found that the fashion industry is really segmented when it comes to shopping.” He further explained that various retailers and brands had a rough time monetizing social media, as there are so many different platforms. “… we wanted to build the best destination to discover and ultimately purchase fashion.” – he added.
For a business that was integrating e-commerce for the first time, they did a really good job. The focus was on quality and integration, and they made preparations to sync via Shopify and Magento systems. Alagem decided Trendabl should handle the transactions as well, so users never had to switch to other apps to finish their purchase.

Alagem's Vision

In an interview with StyleCaster, Alagem explained how he came to the idea of developing such an app. He and his partners were looking for ways to make improvements to people’s lives, and they realized that the fashion industry was quite segmented across various platforms when it comes to shopping, promotion and followers.

They decided to make a platform where fashion lovers and celebrities can meet various fashion magazines, brands and bloggers, follow and discover other fashion lovers and celebs, and become trendsetters. The app featured search options specifically tailored for fashion, like searching specific clothing categories, colours, stores, brands and more.