Every fashion lover out there knows the importance of having the right app to share their fashion outfits with the world, and finding inspiration for new ones. And while Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest are definitely the most widely used apps, they are not specifically designed around fashion. Trendabl is the go-to place for fashion lovers and we are going to look at it in more detail now.

Where to look for Fashion Trends

Most fashion lovers have a least two to three apps to follow fashion trends from their favourite brands, celebs, models and friends, but it's hard to keep track with so many of them available, and the amount of notifications that appear on your device can really become bothersome after a while. Another downside is that even if you can follow your favourite brand or celeb on those apps, the updates won't always be about fashion.
Some brands or celebrities might focus on posting about fashion only, but even then, you can't really refine your search. Your research skills have to be out of this world to find a piece of clothing you saw on a picture and have no idea what brand it could be unless they’ve told you specifically. Even then it could be an unknown maker or from a small lesser known boutique. It's hard to search trends that involve items from your favourite stores, or items worn by celebrities, or even your friends. Most often, among all the tags used on the photos, the ones telling you the most important things like brand, store or price, are missing.

There’s an app for that…

Trendabl is a fashion focused photo app that lets users share, browse, like and comment on various outfits and clothing. It was developed by Jon Alagem, who is also the chief executive officer (CEO). Alagem, originally working in a hedge fund, left his job completely to focus full time on developing the app.
In an interview with The Fashion Spot, Jon Alagem explained what he wanted to achieve with the app: “The social media presence for fashion was extremely fragmented. We wanted to develop a platform that would seamlessly converge fashion and technology.”
“It was important to us to create an environment that encourages conversation between users, friends, brands, and tastemakers. Fashion has always been about showing off your style and that’s what we aim to accomplish.” – he mentioned in an interview with
The app was teased several months ahead of its launch, and many fashion lovers were keen on trying it as soon as it became available. There were some lucky ones who were able to try the beta version that has been available since January 30, 2012 and help sort out the final tweaks and adjustments before launch.
On March 26, 2012, the new app, called Trendabl (no “e”), was launched, and was the talk of all the fashion magazines, celebrities, websites and bloggers. The app launch was quite formidable and many celebrities, like Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, Brad Oreski, Barneys New York, Whitney Port, Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, Nicky Hilton, among others, were attending the launch, and registered their own accounts on the app.
“Ashley and I are excited to work with Trendabl, what we believe will be a dynamic social networking platform for the fashion world,” said Mary-Kate Olsen. “Trendabl will change the way people share and discover fashion.”

Snap a Photo and Share your Style

So, what exactly is so special about this app? Well, it is the first app specifically designed to help users find fashion items they like and various outfit combinations involving specific items.
The app heavily focuses on photos and offers various filters, so users can edit the photos to their liking. Each photo that is uploaded on Trendabl can be tagged with a colour, price, brand and store. This way, anyone who sees a piece of clothing, style, or accessories they really like will know where they can find them and how much they cost.
Focus on fashion, fashion specific tags and super refined search options aren't the only things that made it so popular among fashion lovers. In addition to these options, you can also follow your favourite bloggers, celebrities, websites, stores or brands, and see their latest styles and items as soon as they share them.
Just imagine finding a great outfit on Instagram and instantly being able to find similar outfits through specific tags or knowing which store has them as soon as you see the photo.
The app is available on the iOS app store. Even though it is not available on Android, it is still rated as one of the best apps in the fashion category. It is basically a fashion lover's Instagram. You can tag all the brands you wear, find new ones, find more stuff from your favourite brand, follow celebrities and be updated on the latest fashion trends.
In 2013, Trendabl introduced e-commerce and allowed its users to shop for clothes and accessories they see and like too. With over one million users, it is a perfect platform to find, share, sell and buy everything related to fashion – a must have for every fashionista out there.

What can you do with Trendabl?

As an app focused to deliver people who love fashion everything they need, the Trendabl app allows you to upload photos of fashion items straight from your iPhone. You can choose to take the photo and upload it immediately or choose one of your earlier photos from your library.
Before you post a photo, you can choose from a number of image-enhancing filters to make it just perfect. You can also add some info about your fashion items by tagging them. Share your posts with your followers and friends. You can connect the app to other social networking platforms, like Twitter or Facebook, and share your photos with friends and followers there as well.
Apply and search tags such as colour, price, brand and store, or browse various collections or specific pieces of clothing. The app is able to recognize the user location, and offer interesting stores and brands nearby. It also features the “popular” filter in search to show which items have gained the most traction.
Keep up with the latest fashion trends by following your friends and celebrities. You can even follow fashion magazines, websites, or bloggers and brands. Discover fashion through various filters. Looking for a new dress? Just search for “dresses” and find your new favourite or if you'd like to see “yellow jackets” from “Burberry”, you can do just that.
You might have also noticed that some of the accounts you follow have a little yellow badge with a “T” in it. This is a Tastemaker badge, which is given to popular users who are trendsetters. Most often, you will find that badge on celebrity, magazine, brand, blogger, or website account, but you can become a trendsetter and popular user as well, and have the Tastemaker badge on your profile too.
If you are unsure who to follow and where to find some new trends, you can always start with the “Recommended” section, which highlights users who have the Tastemaker badge, so feel free to check them out. The app is free and available on the App Store for iPhone. Choose from a number of sharing options, and let your friends and followers on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter know about your latest outfits.

A Tool for Brands and Retailers

The primary focus of Trendabl, according to its founder, is to give a great tool to brands, celebrities and retailers so they can promote their merchandise.
With so many brands available however, there's is always a possibility that some of them aren't in the database. This is especially true for new and emerging creators so if you happen to come across a brand that isn't in the database just yet, you can simply add it with the “Add Brand” option.
Should a brand wish to claim a name but it's already taken, feel free to contact the Trendabl team with legal documents that prove you are the owner. Your brand will be free to use it as soon as the previous owner chooses a new username.

Keeping You in the Loop

Trendabl will send you push notifications with a badge icon and sound whenever someone you follow has a new post. You can turn them off if you wish to do so, but you can also fine tune them in settings. You can easily access them through the settings app, under push notifications.

While this is not the official website for Trendabl, for an app that combines a photo sharing platform with fashion, it’s important that fashion lovers know about it. The search options are great, users are able to follow their favourite blogs, celebrities or brands, and always be up to date on the latest trends. You can easily find that gorgeous dress you saw your friend liked the other day, and find a store that sells it too, or even purchase directly through the app.